My Top 5 From AC2LV In 2013

by Marc December 30, 2013
Vegas Strip at Night

Last week I looked at the 5 most viewed blogs on AC2LV this year. These may not be the most read (okay, one is) but they are my favorites in no particular order. Best Craps Games – Downtown Vegas - I love craps and the best games are in Downtown Vegas. 5 Major League Baseball Stadiums […]

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Mississippi Stud Poker Is Your Next Popular Casino Game

by Marc December 18, 2013
Mississippi Stud Poker

I stumbled onto Mississippi Stud Poker last year. The night is a little hazy but if I remember correctly a friend and I were stumbling through Harrah’s looking for a low limit table game to play while we had a few drinks. Even though the table may have a $5 minimum you can have as […]

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Who’s Buying Me This Sick LED Craps Table?

by Marc November 26, 2013
LED Craps Table

I always get excited when I think, tweet or write about craps. Craps is awesome. This morning I was looking for an image to accompany an article for Vegas Chatter when I happened upon this stunning LED craps table above. I don’t know that I’d get much mileage from this table but I’d love to […]

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Outdoor Blackjack At Downtown Grand Doesn’t Look Awesome

by Marc November 12, 2013
Downtown Grand Las Vegas Outdoor Blackjack

When I first heard about outdoor gaming at Downtown Grand I freaked out a little. I envisioned a closed off street with a pit of blackjack and craps tables. My initial thoughts were grand. I saw a big street party surrounding my favorite leisure activity. My visions of grandeur were quelled a little as the […]

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Let’s Relegate Vegas Casinos Like The Premier League

by Marc August 16, 2013
EPL Logos

The Premier League begins this weekend and all of the discussion about it got me to thinking how we can implement a similar relegation and promotion system with Las Vegas hotels and casino. In brief, if a team performs poorly in the Premier League they’re relegated to a lesser league and if they perform better in the lesser […]

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Word Of Advice To Slot Players

by Marc August 9, 2013
Hot Hot Penny Slot Machines

One of my go-to references for gaming odds and strategy is Wizard of Odds. I often reference their strategy guides when I’m unsure of the specific math behind game strategy. While looking for some information on slot machines over the weekend I found something that I needed to share. Most players play penny video slots. […]

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Saint Hoods Is Why I Stopped Betting Sports

by Marc August 7, 2013
Saint Hoods TV Show Discovery

I caught the first episode of Saint Hoods on Discovery over the weekend and it reminded me why I stopped gambling when I was younger. Saint Hoods is an entertaining show about Boston mobsters and how they make much of their money from people betting on sports. Here’s a snippet of the overview on Saint Hoods from Discovery. […]

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Don’t Chase

by Marc July 24, 2013
Keno At Red Rock Resort

Poker has taught me a lot of lessons that I can apply when gambling and in the real world. Knowing when I’m on tilt, slow playing and not chasing come in equally as handy with friends and business associates as they do when gambling on other games. One thing from poker that comes up way […]

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Bally’s Flea Market Coming Soon

by Marc July 11, 2013
Ballys Grand Bazaar Shops Rendering Ground

Vegas Chatter has been sharing news about Bally’s Grand Bazaar Shops for a while but the info wasn’t anywhere else. They had renderings and everything, so surely this was legit. Right? Right. Well, last week went live with less information than Vegas Chatter had been reporting. At least they have nicer renderings then this. Bally’s Grand […]

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Poker Book And Poker Movie

by Marc June 28, 2013
Straight Flush Book Cover

There’s a new poker book out from Ben Mezrich called “Straight Flush: The True Story of Six College Friends Who Dealt Their Way to a Billion-Dollar Online Poker Empire–and How It All Came Crashing Down…” and a new poker movie called “High Stakes – The Sam Tricket Story” about his entry into last year’s $1 million […]

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Revel Matching Up To $5,000 A Week In Slot Losses

by Marc June 25, 2013
Revel Atlantic City Gamblers Wanted News 12

As it comes out of bankruptcy Revel has decided to target gamblers. They’re backing up their “Gambler’s Wanted” marketing campaign with a couple smart and useful programs geared towards gamblers. 1. From July 1 to 31, all rated slot losses greater than $100 will be refunded to gamblers using a Revel Card.    Gamblers who win, win, […]

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