Is Buffalo Wild Wings Getting Ready For Online Gambling?

by Marc March 6, 2014
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The first thing I thought of when I saw this video for the new online gaming/jukebox/tablet at Buffalo Wild Wings is that it will be easy to changeover their restaurants that allow for online gambling. Check the video below to see what I mean and the press release for more information. Press release: BUFFALO WILD […]

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Gambling at Gold Spike

by Denver Gambler February 28, 2012
Gold Spike

If you read through the four part Las Vegas trip report, you saw in part 3 that we spent some time at the Gold Spike. Gold Spike was always one of those places that was on my list of places to check out, but for one reason or another, it just didn’t happen. Finally, this […]

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D-Day For Atlantic Club Casino Hotel is Halloween

by Marc February 10, 2012
Atlantic City Hilton

Atlantic Club Casino Hotel has until Halloween to start making money or they will suffer some kind of consequences. In approving the rescue plan, the casino commission obtained a commitment from the casino to stay open through October 2012. Of course, the casino operators are hoping that their efforts keep the casino alive. But Frawley […]

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Week In Review

by Marc January 29, 2012
Las Vegas 1962

The week started off with a bang. I did an interview with a website that I love (more on that when it runs) and a podcast talking about Vegas on The Betting Dork with Gill Alexander. The podcast was released this week and it seems to be well received. We talked about my favorite steakhouses, blackjack […]

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Time to Innovate $0.25 Slots

by Denver Gambler January 24, 2012
Hangover Slot

In the last few years, the casino slot floor has undergone a transformation.  For most of modern gambling’s history, slot machines were mechanical reeled machines and the only goal was to get the reels to hit the right combination.  As slot machines adopted more and more technology, they became mini computers even turning in real […]

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Week In Review

by Marc January 22, 2012
Red Dragon

As always, it was a busy week. As you may know a visitor took had me off to explore Bellagio where I had a chance to take a look at their awesome Chinese New Year dragons. Feeling inspired by that I headed to Venetian and caught a look at their giant, fire breathing dragon. Certainly, […]

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Get Used to Gambling

by Denver Gambler January 17, 2012
Ohare Airport

It’s no secret that many state governments are having budget concerns. Even as signs point towards the economy recovering, states are struggling to increase revenues without having to increase taxes on the population.  In many states like Massachusetts, Florida, and New York this means legalized or increased gaming.  Why do casinos make so much sense?  […]

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Video Poker is Coming to Chicago Bars

by Denver Gambler January 5, 2012
Ohare Airport Small

Since I live in Chicago, I keep my eye out for any gambling related news that would pertain to the city.  There’s plenty of casinos in the Chicago area (all in suburbs) but none in the city proper.  I’ve talked before how Chicago could get a downtown casino owned and run by the city, but […]

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Why Vegas?

by Denver Gambler December 15, 2011
Las Vegas Sign Small

It’s no secret that I absolutely love to visit Las Vegas.  When I share this fact with family and friends, it’s usually followed by a long discussion of what I like about it and how often do I go.  This inevitable turns into a discussion about why I just don’t go to the casinos in […]

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Palazzo and Venetian Video Poker

by Marc December 14, 2011
Venetian Epic Affair Small

A couple years ago I put where I would stay on my trip to Vegas up to vote and the you chose Palazzo. Since then I’ve returned to Palazzo for a couple of trips. My friends and I really enjoy having suites and newness of the rooms and casino. This year our choices came down […]

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When You’re Taking a Breather In Vegas

by Denver Gambler December 6, 2011
upright bass small

Chances are, if I am in a casino in Las Vegas (or anywhere, really), I am going to be gambling.  But when I play, I rarely gamble for hours and hours straight.  I generally do a short session, followed by another short session and at some point, I’m going to want a break.  Those breaks […]

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