OMG! Kittens slot machine demo by WMS Gaming

by Marc February 24, 2014
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Give me enough drinks and I’ll play this and yell for bubbles or another kitty.

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Best Time To Get On Lions Share Without Waiting

by Marc February 19, 2014
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This morning at 9:30am there was a line of 6 people waiting to play the Lions Share slot machine at MGM Grand. There’s no time limit to play the game so you could stand around for hours waiting. The $2 million jackpot on Lions Share has made this game popular for years with Vegas dorks like me. Since […]

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Word Of Advice To Slot Players

by Marc August 9, 2013
Hot Hot Penny Slot Machines

One of my go-to references for gaming odds and strategy is Wizard of Odds. I often reference their strategy guides when I’m unsure of the specific math behind game strategy. While looking for some information on slot machines over the weekend I found something that I needed to share. Most players play penny video slots. […]

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Slot Machine Myths

by Marc February 14, 2013
Slot Machines

I wrote an article for Gaming Today offering some basic slot machine strategy this week. As I mention in that article there really isn’t much strategy involved with slot machines since they are programed by a random number generator (RNG) chip. While each spin is random and independent the pay tables are predetermined and there’s […]

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Wheel of Fortune And Michael Jackson Most Played Slot Machines

by Marc January 18, 2013
Michael Jackson Slot Machine

I look at a lot of gaming statistics but I don’t remember seeing information for slot machines that provided specific information to what games were played the most. That changed last night when I learned that Wheel of Fortune was the most played slot machine last year. Megabucks and Michael Jackson were tied for second […]

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Slot Machines Leaving Casinos

by Marc December 19, 2012
Shoot To Win Craps

Whenever I walk into a casino I’m greeted by hundreds of slot machines. When I went to G2E much of the gaming area of the convention seemed to be taken up by new slot machines. However, slot machines are actually leaving the casino floor. The number of slot machines (in Nevada) fell from 165,995 to […]

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Are Slots Getting Too Themed?

by Denver Gambler March 21, 2012
Batman Slot Machine

There is no doubting the popularity of themed slot machines in casinos and especially Las Vegas. Slot machines in general are appealing due to their simplicity and that anyone can play without feeling intimidated. In Las Vegas, you have a lot of people visiting who are novices to gambling. While table games can be intense, […]

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Time to Innovate $0.25 Slots

by Denver Gambler January 24, 2012
Hangover Slot

In the last few years, the casino slot floor has undergone a transformation.  For most of modern gambling’s history, slot machines were mechanical reeled machines and the only goal was to get the reels to hit the right combination.  As slot machines adopted more and more technology, they became mini computers even turning in real […]

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More Complicated Slots Aren’t (Always) Better Slots

by Marc July 29, 2011
Hot Hot Penny Slots Small

If there’s one thing that’s obvious any time you step into a casino, it’s that slot machines are  very popular and make the casino a lot of money.  Slot machines have been a casino staple since the 1950s and 60s.  However back then, they were there to keep wives distracted while men played the tables.  […]

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Who Has The Most Slot Machines In Atlantic City?

by Marc May 3, 2011

The casino that has the most slot machines in Atlantic City really doesn’t come as much of a surprise to me, but it’s always interesting to see the information.  Most of the list of casinos and slot machines is pretty much equaled to the size of the casino.  So, it’s not shocking that Borgata would […]

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by Marc January 11, 2011

60 Minutes ran a piece on Sunday about addiction to slot machines and while they come off as very anti-gambling they failed to mention that if people need help they can call 1-800-gambler.  Here’s the video if you haven’t seen it. If nothing else, it’s worth it to watch PA Governor Ed Rendell get crazy […]

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