25% To 40% Off Caesars Properties From AC 2 LV

Caesars Palace Las Vegas

by Marc on February 5, 2013

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UPDATE: If you book before March 1 you’ll avoid resort fees

Caesars is doing another big sale this week. As you can see by the banners there’s a semi-annual sale with discounts from 25% to 40% off hotel rooms across the country. If you plan on visiting Atlantic City or Las Vegas or anywhere in between and don’t get free rooms with Total Rewards this is a good time to make reservations.

Caesars offers sales pretty often but they only offer discounts this deep a few times a year. This sale is similar in discounts to the Cyber Monday Sale and probably won’t be replicated until the summer. This sale ends Feb. 9. (UPDATE: This was extended and now expires 03/10/2013)

Here’s my breakdown of Caesars best hotels and casinos in Atlantic City and Las Vegas.

Atlantic City

  1. Harrah’s (Probably the only place I’d pay to stay, especially in the winter.)
  2. Caesars
  3. Showboat
  4. Ball’ys

Las Vegas

  1. Caesars Palace (Augustus Tower)(Not sure if this works for the Nobu Tower that just opened.)
  2. Planet Hollywood
  3. Paris (Red Room)
  4. Flamingo (Go Room)
  5. Harrah’s
  6. Bally’s
  7. Rio (Impenema Tower)
  8. The Quad formerly Imperial Palace (I’d never stay here)

 UPDATE: This was extended and now expires 03/10/2013

  • girlygirl

    Was wondering what your impression of IP/The Quad is (if you have ever stayed there).
    Personally, I would take a standard room at The Quad over a standard room at The Flamingo. I know The Quad carpets are awful and the elevators are slow, but the rooms (and especially the baths) were exceptionally clean.
    On the other hand, the Flamingo room had crumbs under the sofa cushions, greasy and dirty vents in the bedroom and bathroom (right above the showerhead-ick) and I saw roach droppings sticking to some peeling wallpaper. Also, the hallway carpets are about as stained as the ones at The Quad.
    As far as the casinos go, I like the Flamingo much better. Larger, airier and less smoky.
    Just my opinion.
    I probably would not have stayed at The Quad because of the bad reviews it gets (my partner refuses to even try it), but I had a couple of solo trips and got the rooms practically for free. It was around Christmas and I think they just wanted bodies in the hotel and casino.

    • http://AC2LV.com Marc

      I’ve never stayed at IP/The Quad. I’ve only been inside once to use the rest room. The dealertainers creep me out and I don’t want to see them. The last time I stayed at Flamingo I saw baby footprints on the floor and had stains all over the bathroom.
      I like the Flamingo (especially the outside) and would pay the extra charge for a Go Room. Staying in a Go Room feels as if you’re staying in a different casino. I would never stay at The Quad.

      I’ve heard a few stories about roaches at Flamingo. If I saw a roach, I would never visit that casino again.

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