Voting Is Like Playing A Slot Machine

I Voted

by Marc on October 23, 2012

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Nevada has early voting and I decided to partake since it was never available to me before. Early voting is awesome and not stressful since it’s spread out over a two week period and not shoved into oneday like traditional election day.

Unlike voting back east there was a sense of optimism all around and people very into whomever were voting. I went yesterday and want to encourage everyone to use their vote as their voice.

Longtime readers may have noticed that I’ve been putting a little more personal, off topic detail into the blogs here and this is a good reason for me to get a little soapboxy.

I’m not concerned with how you vote and who you vote for. I’m not going to provide information that may lead you to vote in any direction. Voting is an individual privilege that we have, so we all should use it. Make your own choices and support the people that support your interests.

We voteon

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  • JMP

    well said, although i would argue that voting is a right and not a privilege :)

    • Marc

      Thanks. You say toe-may-toe I say something else. :)

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