The Linq Should Be Open By December 2013 And Nobody Cares


by Marc on September 28, 2012

in Las Vegas

I haven’t seen a solid opening date for The Linq until earlier this week when Vegas Chatter revealed this image they received from an email.

The Linq December


This just means that we can expect construction on the Las Vegas Strip to continue for most of next year. If the Bally’s Grand Bazaar actually breaks ground this quarter (don’t hold your breath) we can expect even more traffic on the strip. That’s awesome.

The strange thing about The Linq is that it’s this major strip project but nobody seems to know what it is or care. Comments on Vegas Chatter for articles on The Linq are empty unless they’re talking about the ferris wheel. Maybe a handful of Vegas travelers I know on the east coast have a clue about this until they run into traffic on the strip.

Every time I mention The Linq to random people I have to explain that it’s the reason that there’s so much traffic on the strip. Or it’s the thing where O’Sheas used to be. After they say “O’Sheas is gone?” nobody even asks what The Linq will be.

I’m fascinated by The Linq and initially thought that The Linq is a perfect match for the typical Caesars customer. I still think that’s the case, but find it interesting that few people outside of Vegas locals, media and nerds have a clue about something that is, potentially, changing the Vegas Strip so drastically.

  • Eric

    CityCenter was the same way. No one outside of the “Vegas nerd” circle knew what it was, and what the different components (Aria, Vdara, MO, etc.) were until after it was open.

    • Marc

      Very true. I don’t even think the Vegas 1 per centers even care about The Linq. LOL.

  • Rick

    When it is all complete, it will still just be another mall in Las Vegas and an outdoor mall to boot! How man people will be hanging around the place during the summer months, not many I am guessing.
    Could this be the Strip’s version of Neonopolis?

    • Marc

      The summer is a valid concern. None of the designs show any kind of canopy. Look for that (or a sheet cover) to be added.

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