I Found My Place At The Craps Table. I’m #8!

craps stickman

by Marc on September 27, 2012

in Craps

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Craps is probably my favorite game in the casino. I may play video poker more often, but craps is the one I love (See Craps: A Love Story) and will always come back to.

It’s been a while, but I finallyfound my place at the craps table. I used to prefer the end of a table since there’s the most space. I like having my space. That never really mattered because I’d stand anywhere. In the past 6 months I’ve found my place at the craps table. It’s #8. Just to the left of the stickman.

To understand the number (which I think I do), we have to know how the dealers number the players at the craps table.

Player position is thereforedetermined by where their gaming checks are located, not where they are STANDING (or sometimes, sitting). There are 8 player positions on each side of the tableon a standard craps table. The player positions are numbered1-8

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  • http://www.smartbaccarat.com baccarat_guy

    Favorite position is “stick-left,” next favorite is “stick-right.” When I played the “Don’t” consistently (which was years ago), I always was at a far end of the table (next to a dealer), since I was never shooting.

    My other preference, is that there is a “box-man” at the table. I really prefer playing at games with a “box-man” since I feel it flows much better.

    Hence, my love of playing dice at Borgata, and Mohegan Sun.

    • http://AC2LV.com Marc

      BG, I don’t remember not playing with a Boxman. Where have you run into games without?

  • Marquis

    My local dice spot on Hampton Beach, NH rarely run a boxman and other times when it is slow they’ll one half of the table. Never seen Mohegan or Foxwoods w/o a boxman.

    • http://AC2LV.com Marc

      Marquis, I think you’re the first person I’ve met that gambles on NH! The concept of no boxman, let alone only half table action is foreign to me but I think that makes sense in a slower casino market.

  • http://www.smartbaccarat.com baccarat_guy

    All CZR properties in Atlantic City have NO boxman (including Caesars)
    GN in AC has NO boxman
    Atlantic Club in AC has NO boxman
    Foxwoods no longer has boxman (as far as I know)

    Is Hampton, NH “charity-dice?” I live in Southern, New Hampshire and frequent Mohegan and Atlantic City

  • http://www.smartbaccarat.com baccarat_guy

    The no boxman at CZR properties in Atlantic City has been going on for a year+ (probably close to a year and a half).

    • http://AC2LV.com Marc

      That’s different. When I played at all of those properties I had a Boxman. But it’s been a few years.

      • http://www.smartbaccarat.com baccarat_guy

        Cost cutting. And, it’s personally a disaster. If a supervisor needs to watch 2-3 tables and you have lots of buy-ins and color-ups. Just slows things down. Penny-wise, pound foolish, IMO.

        Ironically, on a busy Saturday night this weekend at Harrah’s AC; the supervisor basically just stuck at my table, and it seemed they had around 3 supervisors for the 4 tables in action. The boxman position is basically replaced with a computer terminal. Classy.

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