Pop-Up Casinos…That’s The Ticket

popup casino

by Marc on September 24, 2012

in Atlantic City,Casino

The idea of popup casinos was pitched to New Jersey and since these wouldn’t only be used in Atlantic City, the state doesn’t like the idea. Go figure.

“Overnight, they truck everything in and assemble a casino where there was none before,” explained state Assemblyman Tim Eustace, D-Bergen, Passaic. “It could be as rudimentary as an inflatable building in a parking lot. You could also use simple tents or buildings already in place.”

Eustace has given a novel name for the attraction, calling it the “pop-up casino.” He has proposed creating pop-up, or temporary, casinos that would complement huge tourist events in North Jersey, such as the 2014 Super Bowl at the Meadowlands sports complex.

Popup stores have been a trendy thing for a lot of businesses for a couple of years now. This is any interesting idea – if regulated. People tend to trust the brand names that they’re familiar with so a Borgata popup casino might be trusted anddo good business while Uncle Vinny’s New Joisey Casino probably wouldn’t do so well. There’s nothing in this article or anywhere else (that I could find) that says these popup casinos would be regulated.

This is at least an interesting idea. It may not be a money maker if approved, but at least people are giving options. The government and Atlantic City casinos continue the fight against casinos in northern New Jersey.

I get why the casinos don’t want competition. They’re lazy and don’t want to work harder then they have to. I also get why the government would fight to keep those businesses happy. They provide a lot of income for the state.

There’s a tipping point where the government will stop losing money to casinos in Pennsylvania, Delaware, New York, Connecticut, Maryland, etc. but that point doesn’t seem like it’s close. It also doesn’t seem as if the NJ government will be proactive and deal with the problem.



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