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by Marc on September 11, 2012

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I try not to get too personal here, but 9-11 is a day of great horror for many Americans and I just want to share my story about this day. This has nothing to do with casinos or gambling, so if you don’t care don’t read on.

I was born and raised in New York City and was living in Astoria, Queens 11 years ago today. I worked in Weehawken, NJ and at the time the World Trade Center towers were each hit by an airplane. I was sitting at my desk with a view similar to the above picture. I didn’t see the first plane hit because I was probably getting coffee and/or reading up on the news.

I did see the second plane hit and I saw both towers fall while sitting at my desk. Phones in NYC were almost impossible to reach, but being in New Jersey our phones were accessible so we were kind of the voice for many of our New York friends who people couldn’t get in touch with for many reasons.

I have only one friend that worked near the WTC at the time of the attacks. Thankfully, he was OK. None of our friends could get a hold of him and finally he called me around lunch time. Acting as if there was nothing wrong he was sitting on the West Side Highway eating a Big Mac extra value meal that was super sized. He had vat of diet coke…for taste. It was a great call. We were all stoked.

I had plenty of friends in Manhattan that day with stories to tell, but that was the closest brush with the attack. Unfortunately there were many that weren’t able to get to safety.

Since the day the attacks happened on the World Trade Center I’ve been hooked on watching the new of this. To this day, I can’t turn off shows looking back. I’m not much of a memorial person and I’m not shaken up over this, but the “Never Forget” slogan really is etched in my brain for this.

Even though every day should be this way, it’s a day to remember the great things in life and appreciate those around.

OK, enough personal talk. I’m off to Rio to see if I can still get Phillies at 1,000-1 for a friend.

Note: I’m not reviewing this so please forgive grammar and spelling errors.

UPDATE: My friend emailed me to say “IT WAS A DOUBLE QUARTER POUNDER WITH NO CHEESE, NOT a Big Mac.”


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