New PEEPSHOW Star…Who Ya Got?

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by Marc on September 5, 2012

in Entertainment,Las Vegas

According to the Las Vegas Sun PEEPSHOW is negotiating with both Jenny McCarthy AND Carmen Electra to replace Holly Madison.

Vegas DeLuxe learned last week that New York producers at BASE Entertainment had mulled invitations to Playboy beauty Jenny McCarthy and petite bombshell Carmen Electra — another Playboy nude centerfold cover girl — to possibly take over for 32-year-old Holly.

Now discussions on possible contract terms are moving forward, and there’s even the rumored possibility that Jenny and Carmen would alternate in limited-engagement runs.

It’s no surprise that PEEPSHOW would approach two former Playboy centerfolds after the success Holly Madison brought to the show. It should also not come as a surprise that they would go after two women that are nearing 40 years old. After all, the typical Caesars customer is a skews older then Cosmopolitan.While a younger, more exciting name might have been a better replacement Carmen Electra and Jenny McCarthy are safe bets to hold the fort for a while. In the meantime they can either search for a full time replacement or the show is shuttered for good.

BTW: Trying to find a picture of someone with more than a bikini on after they’ve been naked in a magazine isn’t as easy as you’d think.


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