Come On Gimme The Number of the Beast!

chris mason iron maiden mask

by Marc on August 12, 2012

in 3 Card Poker

I’m not the biggest Iron Maiden fan in the world, but I like them and know the hits. When I gamble I think about them often. Specifically when I play video poker and 3 Card Poker I think of Iron Maiden.

If I’m I’m dealt a pair of 6′s in either game I never ask for a third 6. I always ask for “Number of the Beast“. Sometimes I’ll say it to myself and sometimes I’ll say it out loud.

I was playing 3 Card Poker at Paris Las Vegas after dining at Gordon Ramsey Steak (see review at Vegas Chatter) when I saw two 6′s and just put the cards down. I was joking with the pit boss all night and sometimes when he walked over he’d look at my cards. This time he did and I asked if I got the number of the beast he replied with “you and I are probably the only 2 people in here that might get that reference.” After we chuckled I asked again and he said “no.”

I finished that session even, but had a blast with the players, dealers and pit boss. I also had a handful or Grand Marnier, which didn’t hurt.

While writing this I learned that “Number of the Beast” is now 30 years old. I guess that would make this classic rock? You can get “Number of The Beast” at Amazon for $13 on CD. It’s only $8 for digital files. That’s how I roll.

The pic of Chris Mason’s mask comes from Metal Insider. They link to his old Iron Maiden mask too.


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