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Caesars Entertainment

by Marc on May 22, 2012

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I see CET in comments and message boards pretty often and I’m guessing that it’s supposed to be short for Caesars Entertainment, but I can’t figure out if that’s the case or not.

This is the story as I understand it. Caesars Entertainment used to be called Harrah’s Entertainment. Harrah’s Entertainment was a publicly traded company with the stock ticker HET.

Harrah's Entertainment

Instead of calling Harrah’s Entertainment they called Harrah’s HET. OK, fine. That makes sense. When Harrah’s went private a few years ago they changed their name to Caesars Entertainment. When Caesars Entertainment went public they chose the stock ticker CZR.

Caesars Entertainment

I’m not sure if people are calling CZR by the name CET or if it’s actually short for something else. As far as I can understand there is no CET in the casino business unless you’re talking about Central Securities.

If CET is short for Caesars, there must be a logical reason that I don’t know. What is CET?

  • http://twitter.com/#!/donnymac66 donnymac66

    It is Caesars Entertainment Corp which could be shortened to CEC which is Chuck E. Cheese I think!!

    • http://AC2LV.com Marc

      I’m down for chuck e. cheese!

  • Eric

    It’s a holdover from before they went public. HET changed into CET in most people’s minds, and for whatever reason, CZR hasn’t caught on.

    • http://AC2LV.com Marc

      Eric, that’s what I’m thinking. Just want to if I’m missing something. Wouldn’t be the first time :).

  • http://www.smartbaccarat.com baccarat_guy

    I always thought the HET ===> CET was a natural thing, since there was NO CZR at the time, when HET went private (Apollo Group et al), and then changed the name to Caesars Entertainment. At least that’s what I always thought was the case.

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