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Atlantic City Always Turned On

by Marc on March 29, 2012

in Atlantic City

Atlantic City is changing their slogan to “Do AC” from “Always Turned On“. One bad double entendre slogan that nobody ever cared about gives way to another. The Atlantic City Press has a bunch of quotes from advertising companies in or near Atlantic City saying nice things about the slogan change, so I’m not going to pull from them but I’ll share a relevant blurb that encourages a wait and see approach.

Once the complete campaign launches, the full effect of the slogan will be more apparent, said Susan Adelizzi-Schmidt, president of Suasion Communications Group in Egg Harbor Township.

“It sounds like an evolution from the old slogan: ‘Always Turned On,’ ‘Do A.C.!’” Adelizzi-Schmidt said. “It’s very simple and quick, and easily digestible, so I think it will resonate. (But) you have to have the whole package to support the slogan: the visuals, the icons, the identity.”

A slogan would matter if there was an accompanying marketing campaign that intrigued the masses. “Always Turned On” never had the marketing budget or pizzaz that the “What happens in Vegas” campaign had. Having been on the east coast for much of that campaign, I can say that the “Always Turned On” slogan wasn’t known by any visitors. At least anyone I know.

Will “Do AC” have any staying power? Maybe. As mentioned above let’s see what their marketing plan and visuals are. It would be VERY easy to say that this is lame when looking back at Atlantic City’s previous marketing efforts and that this will be irrelevant, but let’s see what they have in store.

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