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by Marc on March 24, 2012

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It’s pool season in Vegas! I’m looking forward to seeing what not famous, vegas-famous types we’ll see rocking bikinis this year. Nightclubs get mostly B or C list celebrities, but the pools are where the wannabe’s earn their stripes.

Marc Madness is coming to an end and that’s a shame because I’m doing so well betting it. Oh well, the end of March Madness means the beginning of baseball season.

Before we look at the news from Vegas and Atlantic City, I want to share a post of the guy that won $6 million in blackjack from the the Atlantic City casinos. I’m not sure why, but I received more incoming searches for him this week than in total since it happened. - 6 Million Dollar Man Says Thank You To Tropicana in Atlantic City

Now, let’s look back at the week.


Vegas Chatter

Beyonce "Dangerously in Love"

Beyonce "Dangerously in Love"


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