The Pool After Dark is Kind of A Big Deal

harrahs resort pool

by Marc on March 21, 2012

in Atlantic City,Harrahs

Sure Las Vegas is a party town. A lot has been made that 9 of the top 10 grossing nightclubs in the USA are in Vegas. While Las Vegas promotes their awesome nightclub scene Atlantic City doesn’t seem to tout its strong points in this area. The #11 grossing nightclub in the USA is The Pool After Dark at Harrah’s Resort.

top 100 nightclubs

top 100 nightclubs

That makes The Pool After Dark the #1 nightclub in Atlantic City.  Looking at the entire list you’ll notice that the 2nd highest Atlantic City club on the list is Dusk at Caesars which has the same revenue as Mixx at Borgata but ranks higher on the list.

Since opening Borgata has been seen as the place to go clubbing in Atlantic City, so this is a little surprising. I have to think that when Revel opens later this year that Angel Management Group will pull out all the stops using their Las Vegas experience.

Expect to see your favorite D list reality TV stars in Atlantic City every weekend. I can’t wait!


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