The Implications of Closing O’Sheas

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by Denver Gambler on March 19, 2012

in Las Vegas,O'Sheas

By now I’m sure you have heard that O’Sheas will close on April 30. Officially, this is happening to make way for further Linq development as Caesars Entertainment attempts to liven up their block of the Las Vegas strip. While additional shopping, food, and a ferris wheel aren’t enough to get my juices flowing, thinking about the implications of closing O’Sheas does.

Closing O’Sheas puts a further divide between the Las Vegas Strip and downtown. O’Sheas was one of a few limited places that offered no-frills, low limit gaming, and cheap drinks. With the closing of O’Sheas and the rebranding of Imperial Palace, these types of places are further going by the wayside on the strip.

Downtown embraces this image. O’Sheas almost feels like a downtown transplant to the Las Vegas Strip. Casino Royale and Bill’s Gamblin’ Hall maybe be the only two places left where you can guarantee yourself a low limit table any night of the week. When you are downtown, you can go into almost any property any night and find low limits.

Caesars Entertainment has said they plan to open a new O’Sheas as part of Linq, but they haven’t said what that entails. Will it be a casino within the rebranded Imperial Palace (like Margaritaville in Flamingo)? Will it be its own free standing casino? Will it be a beer pong parlor? Will it even reopen? No one really knows.

I have found myself spending more and more time downtown because of its low key and low limit vibe. There are better odds and it is more oriented toward people who are in Las Vegas to gamble. O’Sheas closing just increases that gap between the Strip and Downtown, a gap that might be the major reason behind downtown’s recent resurgence.

  • Mucking Aces

    Ahh, fuck! Last time I was in Vegas I ate at the Subway in the O’Sheas food court. They offered the $5 footlongs. The Subway in Casino Royale didn’t. Also played some cheapo blackjack there. Good miss O’Sheas.

    • Marc

      Maybe when The Linq is built they will have a Subway the $5 footlongs since much of The Linq is supposed to be restaurants and shopping.

  • girlygirl

    O’Shea’s has never been a lucky place for me and when it’s busy (which is most of the time), people are packed in like sardines. Since it is so popular, it would be interesting to see if they could recreate an O’Shea’s downtown-if they were really serious about keeping the orig. vibe and the name going. O’Sheas seems more like downtown than strip to me.

    • Marc

      GG, I don’t think Caesars has any downtown plans. My guess is that there will be an O’Sheas section with beer pong and that same vibe in the casino that’s now Imperial Palace that will be rebranded with The Linq.

  • girlygirl

    Afterthought…I like the picture used in the post. Do you know what is above O’Shea’s? Is it a facade or are they actually using that space and for what? Just curious.

    • Denver Gambler

      There’s a second level for the magic show and such. The rest is part of the parking garage behind it.

    • Marc

      If you’re in the mood for more pics of O’Sheas there are a ton on flickr.'sheas%20las%20vegas

  • JMP

    Wasn’t all the blackjack 6:5? Do not want. :)

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