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by Denver Gambler on March 13, 2012

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I have managed to milk my February Las Vegas trip into a month of material for the site. It’s about time to wrap that up and get on with other things, but I have one final post about the trip. Each Las Vegas trip I come home with a couple insights about Las Vegas and gambling that I didn’t have going in. Here are three of them.

  • The sidewalk performers are out of control. Seriously. Out of control. Take out the public safety issues or any other concerns people have about the validity of begging versus performing. They are causing an insane amount of traffic and make an already crowded pedestrian thoroughfare even worse. There were times that I had to walk on the street just to get around them. The city really needs to figure this problem out and fast.
  • It’s a bad idea to try to replicate a good gambling run. We are all bad at this. I often remember a table I had a good time on or a machine I hit big on and I have to go back to that table or machine. But much like any memorable time, these things tend to only happen once. Every time I have tried to play a machine that payed out for me once, I’ve ended up paying it right back. My new mantra is to enjoy the memories and focus on making new ones.
  • I’m more superstitious when I gamble then I had thought. I’ve always been a superstitious gambler. This trip, however, it seemed like I was always thinking about the table and whether we had the right mojo. Playing against Don’t Pass players on craps kept making me nervous and when the dice would roll awkwardly or hit someone’s chips I was certain we would seven out. I’m not superstitious at all with anything in life, but for some reason I am when I gamble. (ED: Psst, what are your superstitions?)

Thanks for putting up with a month worth of trip recaps and further discussion. It has been a blast writing and interacting with everyone that has commented. We’ll do it again next time I come home from Vegas. Until then, we’ll go back to dissecting Las Vegas news and insights.

  • JMP

    when’s your next trip?

  • Denver Gambler

    I wish I knew…. hopefully June or July.

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