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Gold Spike

by Denver Gambler on February 28, 2012

in Gold Spike,Las Vegas

If you read through the four part Las Vegas trip report, you saw in part 3 that we spent some time at the Gold Spike. Gold Spike was always one of those places that was on my list of places to check out, but for one reason or another, it just didn’t happen. Finally, this trip we got a chance to gamble there.

Gold Spike is a really small casino that has obviously been around for a while. The casino, however, was completely remodeled in 2009 and they have done a good job keeping up with the remodel.  It actually feels really fresh inside.  The casino is so small that it’s almost all machines. They do have one small blackjack pit with four tables, and that’s what we played.

We played on a Sunday and as such they only had two tables open. The two lady dealers were obviously new to dealing, but not a way that disrupted the flow of the game. They were also both very nice, so that was good too.  Compound that with blackjack only being $3 and you have a place where you can hang out for a while. The cocktail waitress was also a lot of fun. She came around frequently, and would even egg us on a bit to finish our last round. Everyone that worked at Gold Spike was great. Except the pit boss.

I don’t think words can do any justice to how uncomfortable the pit boss, Richard, made everyone feel. He was like a hawk over the dealers’ shoulder and was quick to yell at them about how to pay out bets. If she even stalled for a second to count out the card totals, he would tell the total over her shoulder. Sometimes he would argue with her and get visibly frustrated if he thought she should take some $1 chips and pay out a $5. The other group at the table with us was noticeably perturbed as well. I know the dealers were new and he needed to make sure they were paying appropriately, but his way of going about it made every player and the dealers uncomfortable.

There’s no doubt that I will return to Gold Spike. I had a great experience from almost everyone there. If I walked in and saw Richard working the pit, however, I might be inclined to go elsewhere. He took what would have been a really unique, fun, and different experience and left it with a sour taste in our mouths. We talked at the cage with some other folks that were at the table, and they had the same feeling.  So go ahead and gamble at the Gold Spike, it’s a great place. Just watch out for Richard the pit boss.

  • girlygirl

    I did not spend alot of time at the Gold Spike that last time we were downtown, but I got kind of a good vibe from the people that worked there.
    As Michael Scott said in The Office “I enjoyed this conversation. It was very nice. It was like talking to the sweet old lady on the bus.”

  • JMP

    These are great, it’s like I’m right there with you!

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