Video Poker is Coming to Chicago Bars

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by Denver Gambler on January 5, 2012

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Since I live in Chicago, I keep my eye out for any gambling related news that would pertain to the city.  There’s plenty of casinos in the Chicago area (all in suburbs) but none in the city proper.  I’ve talked before how Chicago could get a downtown casino owned and run by the city, but that bill has stalled.  What seems more like a reality is Video Poker coming to local bars.

In 2009, Governor Quinn (ED: Medicine Woman?) signed into law a bill that would allow bars to have Video Poker.  Yes the same Governor Quinn who is opposing the current Chicago casino bill.  To date, no bars have been given a license to operate video gaming machines and the subject was silent.  Until today.

It was announced that the State of Illinois has hired a company that will monitor all video gaming machines in the state.  Depending on how many people play the machines, this contract could be worth $69 Million.  With the agreement in place, theres a decent chance bars could begin installing Video Poker machines by the end of the year.

This is awesome since I recently dubbed 2012 the year I will get my first Royal Flush.  If Video Poker becomes more accessible than traveling to the Chicago suburbs, there is a decent chance that I will play more often.  If I can play more often than maybe, just maybe, #RoyalFlush2012 could be a reality.

  • JMP

    for some reason, I fear this would be the first occurence of ’5/5 JOB’ :)

    • Marc

      Haha. I doubt that.

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