New York Jets vs. Tim Tebow – Who Ya Got?!

Dunes $25 Chip

by Marc on November 17, 2011

in Football,Sports Gaming

I like to gamble. You know this. You may also know I never bet on games involving the New York Jets. They’re the only team I root for that I won’t mess with when it comes to gambling. I’m already a rabid enough fan that adding any more emotion to the game is not good for anyone around me.  Tonight the Jets play the Denver Broncos and my main man Denver Gambler wanted to make the game interesting. I’ll listen when people talk and he proposed a fun bet with minimal consequence. Obviously, we’re each betting on our team. We agreed that we’d use a line from Tuesday that was already adjusted by professionals, but not close enough to game time for any public betting or late money adjustments.

So, I have the Jets -6 and Denver Gambler has the Tebow’s +6. Kickoff is a few hours away. Who do you like?

Update: I just realized I didn’t say what the bet is. The bet is one $25 hand of blackjack the next time DG is in Vegas.


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