Table Games Coming To New York Casinos?

New York New York

by Marc on August 10, 2011

in Casino,New York

It looks as if New York state may want to jump on board the casino revenue gravy train by adding table games to their racinos since that’s where the money is.

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, suggesting it was time for the state to “come to grips” with the proliferation of gambling in New York and neighboring states, said Tuesday that he was weighing the legalization of commercial, non-Indian casinos in New York State.

It only makes sense that the New York government would want to use gambling income to increase revenue for the state. This is why there has been so much casino expansion in the country.

I only imagine it’s a matter of time before more legalized table gaming is approved. This would be another death blow to Atlantic City for east coast gaming. The death blow is fun to talk about, but it’s far from any truth as Atlantic City slowly slips into irrelevance.


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