6 Million Dollar Man Says Thank You To Tropicana in Atlantic City

by Marc on May 13, 2011

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I didn’t think runs like this actually happened anymore, but a man recently won almost $6 million playing blackjack at the Tropicana in Atlantic City.  That one player lead the casino to lose over $1 million, overall, last month.  An expert seems to think that this big win didn’t involve card counting or cheating.

“The classic “Bringing Down the House” kind of scenario is a bit farfetched,” he said. “That said, to get that kind of performance you’d have to have very confident players.”

Instead, Eadington said, the player who won $6 million likely was approved for a very high betting limit — a calculated gamble on the casino’s part.

“This is always an interesting risk management decision for casinos: do you accept big wagers. If you accept big wagers, you have short-term volatility,” he said. “That’s sort of the philosophy here. Does the casino have the cojones to ride out the short-term volatility? They’re offering a game where they will win in the long run if they can get there.”

I’d have to doubt some kind of counting wasn’t involved here, but there doesn’t seem to have been a team a la Bringing Down The House.  There may have been some kind of viral blackjack attack in Atlantic City as the Borgata almost finished in the red in blackjack earnings, which is rare.  It wouldn’t be funny for Atlantic City to be attacked like this, but it kind of would be fun.

On a side note, Bringing Down The House is a great book and available on Amazon for under $8.



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  • Larry Stone

    Just got back from Atlantic City today — Friday the 13th.
    Didn’t see any panhandlers inside Caesars this trip.
    However, the service at the Cashier’s window is really bad.
    They had a free play coupon promotion today and there was a long line at the cashier’s window to redeem
    the coupons.
    Customers were getting really upset by the long wait.
    Plenty of “suits” behind the cashier peering out at the long line. They blamed ‘shift change.’
    Regards, Larry

  • http://eastcoastgambler.net Marc

    Larry, unfortunately that’s nothing new. I’ve caught just about every casino in AC short handed in the past few years.

    I tried to cash a free play coupon once @ Bally’s and it took about 20 minutes and 3 people to give me the few bucks I was due. Just silly.

    At least you weren’t bothered by anyone, from what I’ve read they’ve moved next door to Bally’s. :/

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