Ballys Tower Room Review

by Marc on August 18, 2010

in Atlantic City,Ballys

I haven’t stayed at Bally’s in about a year and my last few visits have had me at the Garden and Dennis Towers since they’ve been renovated more recently than the main tower of Bally’s.  In fact, with the Claridge currently being renovated the main tower should be up for renovations next.

I heard that the rooms are still top notch even though the main tower at Bally’s hasn’t been renovated recently.  I didn’t expect to be blown away because, between Las Vegas and Atlantic City, I’ve been staying in newer rooms for the past couple of years.

I asked for, and received, a corner room in the main tower and got the kind of room I expected – a nice and big room that was build for the 80′s.  The room was oddly shaped, but very large.  Complete thoughts on the room at the end of the photo tour.

The room was kind of triangular as you can see from the image above.  You can also see the old tube TV.  I haven’t had a room with a tube TV in a couple of years.  I think that might have been the last time this TV was cleaned.

The seating area was nice and spacious and while the chairs were ugly and uncomfortable they were near an outlet (as you can see by my phone charging).

There was also a pretty sweet view of uptown Atlantic City and the Atlantic Ocean.

The park was right below my window as well.  I’m not one that cares much for views, but this was nice.

Another odd, but interesting, part of the room was the bathroom.  It was set right off the bed, with no locking door.

There was also no fan or door in the toilet area, which was awkward when a friend came to visit.

The bathroom was a nice size with a tight shower, upon entry.

The vanity was slightly updated with marble, but continued with the gaudy 1980′s gold fixtures (please excuse my deodorant)

There was a nice big soaking tub for two.

The bathroom had huge windows which could give a pretty nice view from the tub.

Overall, I enjoyed the Bally’s Tower room even though it was oddly laid out, out of date and not very clean.  However, I enjoy having a large room – even if I’m not in it very often.  The extra space makes me feel comfortable and relaxed unlike smaller rooms.

If views matter, this corner room in the Bally’s Tower are made for you with views from the sitting area and bathroom.

Like most of Bally’s housekeeping needs to do their job and actually clean.  I left a few minor dirty items for cleanup and they went untouched all three days.  There was also a wine glass left in the room for two days.

I would stay in the Tower room again, but it’s not a necessity.  I don’t see myself staying at Bally’s for a while.  There’s just nothing compelling about the casino and their service has been nothing short of invisible or bad.

For more pictures of the room check the flickr gallery.


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