Beer Pong = Bling Pong

by Marc on September 29, 2009

in O'Sheas

O’Sheas is one of the smaller, older, cheap casinos on the Las Vegas strip.  It’s not what I seek when I’m in Vegas, but they’ve done a really nice job creating a niche for themselves.  While cheap gambling and cheap beer can be attractive, you can go to any older casino to find that.

O’Sheas has become a favorite among college aged people because of one thing.  BEER PONG.  I was catching up on my Vegas news over the weekend when I saw an article on Vegas Chatter that went into some detail about how good of a money maker Beer Pong has become for O’Sheas.

The real shocker: the place rakes in more than $25,000 from it every week, and more than $100,000 per month.

No, that number didn’t come from management or an official press release (though the PR department did, in fact, confirm it). Instead, it came from the people who know best—dealers and pit bosses in the gaming pit closest to the beer pong action.

That seems like some pretty nice coin for Beer Pong and stands out to me because that’s not gaming income, which is something casino’s are always string for.  I would never imagine Beer Pong could bring in over $1 million a year.  Nice work finding your niche O’Sheas.

O’Sheas recently joined twitter and you can follow them for more info and specials.

  • jmp14

    near as I can tell, and this is solely from personal experience, O’Shea’s was one of the first Strip casinos to ‘feature’ 6:5 on naturals regardless of the number of decks in the game. BOOO!

  • The Commander

    I believe you are correct. I echo your boo!

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